Sunday, 19 July 2009

Gay Jesus?

Well its been a while since my last post so lets start with something controversial! No, I don't mean happy Jesus I do indeed mean homosexual. Let me try to explain where all this has come from. My old house-mate from Uni, Dan Cruse and his now wife, Jo (was Warren) got married recently. Anyway, the night before the wedding I was sleeping in the lounge with another of my old uni house-mates and a uni friend who, if I'm honest, slept over so oven he basically lived there too. I got chatting with one of them about whether Jesus could have been gay. We had a nice chat about it and it later dawned on me just how controversial a thought this was, hence why I'm putting it here for all to see.

Now I must get a few things straight (pun not intended) before we look any further.
1) I believe that practicing homosexuality is a sin equal (if you like to talk in these terms) to sex before marriage, lust, etc.
2) In reference to Jesus being gay I mean orientation, not practicing.

It has since become all the more apt a topic after the revelation the the Anglican communion in America (Episcopalians) have agreed on ordaining homosexually active peoples in all ministries.

So, getting to the point the question is this:
Could Jesus have been homosexually orientated?

It struck me that for so may conservative Christians (of which I place myself) if you asked them this they would out-rightly say "NO!", yet is you asked them if a Christian is sinning in being attracted to the same sex, yet not practicing they would also say "no". Just seems hypocritical to me. Perhaps I'm just going of my concepts rather then truth but I still think it's worth a thought.

For what it's worth I think it's possible, rather unlikely, but possible. My reasoning behind it is this. Homosexuality (which you may disagree with me) seems to be a mix of both genetic and cultural factors. If Jesus was indeed fully human as we claim then he would be open to both of these.

Just my thoughts.
Looking forward to any CONSTRUCTIVE comments and discussion from you all.
In Christ,
Till next time!

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