Thursday, 8 April 2010

Jesus: the ultimate in horror genre!

Do you think this is what Benny Hinn meant when he said that Jesus was Trinity by himself? I think that might be a little far, even for him.

Till Next Time!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Delirious? Not me!

So, the news is out today. Delirious? have make it into the UK charts at 4 with History Maker. 'Wait' I hear you say, 'isn't that an old song?' Well indeed it is. Someone had the idea that it would be a good idea to push it. This isn't the first time it's been tried but the most successful attempt. I have two thoughts about this:

1) Couldn't they have picked a better song? It seems to me that in general people seem to think that to become a Christian means forgetting what good music is and putting Delirious? into the charts is not helping matters. I know they are famous and I'm in no way saying that they aren't a blessing to the church but we must be aware that if they were a secular band they wouldn't get very far! So perhaps they could have picked something like Switchfoot or Skillet. Well if that's too hard then perhaps they could have taken a song which expresses their aim better, to get the message of Jesus to people at Easter. Perhaps a Getty hymn such as 'See what a morning'.

2) Couldn't this be used for something better? Literally thousands of people would of had to vote to get it to 4th but what was the point? I hope I'm wrong but I don't see anyone becoming a Christian from it, and honestly I slightly ashamed to be connected to it. Not because I'm ashamed of the Gospel, but rather that the church that is meant to be making a difference in the world is instead being trivial. What if those people all spent time writing to thier MPs instead, or committed to serving their local community? I believe that we would see the world change quicker and more people come to God if people did that. I also find it slightly ironic that the song is called 'History Maker' when instead of getting it into the charts we could have actually been changing history.

May God bless Delirious? and the work that they did. I know they have blessed many people in their faith but come on church! Let's pull our fingers out and actually change history for the better.

Till Next Time!