Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Things I love in England 2

It's time for another of these. Some of you may know I've applied with JET to be an ALT in Japan for a year. The time where I am supposed to hear from them about whether I get an interview or not is looming and therefore my heart is drifting towards Japan again, which can/has caused problems. The problem is I am here for at least another 7 months, if I even get selected (which is far from certain) and therefore although I don't want my love or passion for Japan to diminish, I neither wish for my current calling to suffer. Therefore, here is another list of things I love in England. (There may be repeats!)

Cardiff Friends
St. Peter's, Interior
  1. English. Being able to communicate easily is wonderful.
  2. St. Peter's, Woodmansterne. A church I love, full of people who love Jesus and have welcomed me with open arms.
  3. Churches in general. There are loads of them here. Even the smallest villages tend to have churches and towns and cities have a plethora.
  4. Coffee, especially Coffee#1, Costa and Neros.
  5. Tea. Good in Japan too but different. 
  6. Ales
  7. Pork Pies
  8. British TV
  9. NHS and access to medicines
  10. British humour
  11. Queues
  12. Friends (Some of them on the right)
  13. Family
  14. Social understanding
  15. Seasons
  16. Queuing
  17. Relaxed hobbies
  18. Cheese. As in actual cheese and not cheese flavoured rubber.
  19. Not sweating 24/7 during the summer
  20. The countryside
Let me know your thoughts. What is great about England? I'll even extend it to Great Britain if that makes life easier. Comment below.
Till Next Time!

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