Sunday, 8 July 2012

Parable of the Mole

There once was a mole boy who lived in a mole hole in the mole ground with his mole family. He ate all the best grubs and the slimiest worms. It was very, very dark underground, too dark to use his eyes, so he never even opened them. Instead he felt where he was going with his nose and whiskers, and sensed things move in the soil around him. 

One day he remembered what his granddad told him about this place called ‘the Outside’. He was told that it was a very scary place but he was far too curious to not go so he started digging up as fast as he could. He reach the point where there was no more soil to dig. It felt like a cave but bigger, and there was a warm breeze through the air. “This must be the outside!” he thought and started exploring around. He walked a little then fell over something hard and round. He stood back up and started walking again until he walked into something tall and covered in bark. “My granddad was right, this is scary”, he thought. He stood up again and started walking again but this time he tried to be very carefully but suddenly he fell into a big puddle of water. 

Something grabbed him and pulled him to the side. “Ribbit” said the stranger “What did you jump into my house for?” “I’m sorry” said the mole. “I didn’t mean to. There’s no mud around me to feel so I don’t know where I’m going.” The stranger laughed, “Silly mole! Open your eyes. It’s not dark like in your home, there is light everywhere!” As he did he could see everything. The rock he fell over, the tree he bumped into, the pond he fell into and the helpful stranger, Mr. Frog. Suddenly the outside wasn’t odd and scary anymore but was exciting and wonderful. All because he opened his eyes to the light and saw everything in a new way.

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