Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes - An Assembly Tale

This morning I was doing an assembly at Woodmansterne Primary School as I do every Tuesday and as it was the penultimate one before the Easter break I decided to do it on Good Friday. (I took it from the book 'Everyone Matters' by Tricia Williams.) We looked at a cross on a Hot Cross Bun and the different types of crosses and what they mean, then looked at how that can teach us the meaning of Good Friday. An X next to an incorrect sum, X on a valentines card, X on a treasure map, X on a voting card and of course a crucifix. The sum reminds us we all do wrong, the valentines card reminds us that God loves us, the map reminds us that finding God and being his friend is like finding a lost treasure, Jesus died on a cross and we need to say 'yes' to Jesus like on a voting card.

That was what I had planned (and what I did) but just as I was about to finish a 5 year old girl shouted out, "How can we find God?". So taken aback a little I asked the kids and another 5 year old girl put her hand up and said "Follow the treasure map!". "What's the treasure map?" I asked. Hands flung in the air "A book?" said one. "What book?" I said, "The Bible" he said. Then I spoke about the Bible and how Jesus is the perfect guide to God.

I must admit I got a little carried away but it's amazing when kids ask such intelligent questions and give great answers. I hope this sort of response continues.

Praise God!
Till Next Time!

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  1. Father Churcher,

    Stop abusing children.

    Yours in atoms,

    Richard Dawkins