Monday, 20 September 2010

Things I love in England

Those who know me know at least 2 things about me:
1) I live in the south of England and work for a church.
2) I love Japan and that is where my heart too often is.

The last few weeks I have been feeling home sick. The problem is that I feel like my home is Japan, not in England. Being that God has blessed me with such a great community and a wonderful job I feel that I need to ground myself here a little so below I am going to make a list of things that I love about England especially, but not exclusively, those that I won't get in Japan. (Not in any particular order)

1) Good Indian tea.
2) Good coffee.
3) Good cheese.
4) Having a conversation where I can express myself properly.
5) Fully understanding the culture and rules that come with it.
6) A 'Christian' culture even if it's mostly nominal.
7) Plenty of churches and Christians to interact with.
8) The loving community at St. Peter's, Woodmansterne.
9) My family which I so often take for granted but are important to me.
10) The NHS.
11) A rent-free house. (Or more generally, affordable rent)
12) Easy access to good books
13) Christian conferences and meetings
14) Pubs with British ales
15) Bread which doesn't make you think of marshmallows
16) Sandwiches that aren't made with fruit and cream :S
17) British humour
18) Friends
19) Multi-cultural society
20) English comedy

Please feel free to comment about that things you love about the UK below.

Till Next Time!


  1. As for the last 7 thingk, you're speaking of my soul :) Even if I'm from Czech Republic, and I've been to England only twice (and most of the time only in London), I love it.
    I love the environment, culture and people. The conductor told us that Londoners hate the foreigners, but I've met only very friendly ones.
    I also love the differences about London-the rich West End and its awesome sights, and the poor East End. I think it's because of the difference.
    Yes, the British humour is one of the best humours in the world. In our language school, we watched some British comedian series and we were dying by laughing xD So did me and my classmates, when we were in London and stayed in family. It was just awesome :)
    Do you love Japan? So do I :) And have you been there?

    1. Hi Namikaze Sadako, thanks for your comment. Most British people aren't racist but unfortunately, like all places, some are. London is a very diverse city, which is great. British humour is one of the best in the world I think but maybe that is because I'm British.
      I do love Japan, very much. I hope to live there one day which is why I did this post so that I can remember to love now and not just look to the future. I went there once for just over a month which is not long enough. Have you been? You say you are Czech but your name is Japanese. Is your family Japanese?