Friday, 5 March 2010

The Wisest Words of a Football Manager......Ever!

Those who know me will probably also know of my disdain for overpaid sportsmen, footballers particularly! Then yesterday to my surprise one of the biggest managers of football today (from what I can tell) appeared to agree with me.

Fabio Capello said, “It’s always the same. Young players, young boys, rich boys, this is the problem. It’s not only here. In Italy, in Germany, in Spain and in every country where football is so important. They have to be an example to the children, for all the fans. For that reason they have to stay careful and sacrifice something in their lives. It will be really important in this last period to be careful in their own lives. I ask them to take no chances.”

Perhaps if their wages were capped at something reasonable people would get into football for love of football and not just for money. Perhaps the rest of the money that the clubs would save could be invested in community projects. Imagine how much that'd be! The Times reports that 'Terry’s basic wage of £160,000 a week is the highest in the squad'. Now let's say then that instead of per week, he gets that per year (personally I'd be very happy with that wage). That would mean that a saving of £8,160,000 P.A. (assuming he gets paid every week), and that's just on one man! The club would benefit as the level of football would improve, at least that's what Capello says, and it means that the clubs wouldn't be in debt all the time. It also means that local communities would be improved by the extra funding available for say sporting facilities, improving the next generation of footballers both in behaviour and ability.

Although I wonder whether he'd agree that that should be applied to managers as well. Perhaps a reasonable basic wage with commission available for club performance. Anyway, I for one certainly hope he gets listened to!

Read the full story in The Times Online

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