Monday, 22 March 2010


Do you ever come across anything that makes you wish for once that God was a God of wrath here and now? Or perhaps not that bad but perhaps makes you wish to smack the person around the head with a wet fish?

Well this evening I did. Please let me introduce '' Now I get their intentions and for that I think they are to be praised but the way they are going about it just seems ridiculous. I spend ages trying to find something to confirm my thought that it was a parody but alas not.

According to the site "Homosexuality is a last-ditch effort of the desperate to fit in. We sincerely believe that satan created homosexuality to kill the human race. It is simple biology. There is no breeding through homosexual sex. We believe, also, that he uses music to propagate Homosexuality. Please browse our Gay Music section for further details. We believe that there is a Gay agenda in the Liberal Political Arena. We are here to STOP that message and put an end to the spread of homosexuality."

There are a few things in particular that made me bother to write this post.

1) C.H.O.P.S:

2) Gay bands: There is a list of gay bands which apparently are corrupting our children and turning them gay. There are loads of them but here are my favourites: Coldplay, Frank Sinatra and the Jonas Brothers.

3) The music videos: Here and Here. The fact that they were from 'Funny or Die' made me think that perhaps they were parodies but alas I think that it's only because they are the only website willing to publish such horrors.

4) They are opening a store selling products to make you straight. Now I'm no expert but it seems to me that one cannot cure homosexuality through a special diet!

Let me be clear in case anyone is confused. I believe homosexuality to be a sin, however Christians are called to love and invite people to repent. Items like this make me understand why people think Christians are homophobic idiots. Sometimes the only appropriate reaction is to weep.

Till Next Time!

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