Friday, 8 January 2010

Tasty Testicles

I've been watching a BBC programme called 'Kill It, Cook It, Eat it'. The premise of the programme was to show the process of making various meats from the live animal to the cooked meat on your plate. It also shows you have the cheaper meats are made which was both interesting and disturbing. I strongly suggest you watch the episodes. They are available on the BBC iPlayer now, or visit here to see them all in one place. You must be quick thought as Ep 1 is only available for another 2 days. If you can't stomach the full lot I believe there is a best bits episode next week.

I particularly liked episode 5 'Offal Feast' where the usually wasted parts of the animals were made in to meals for the participants. These include, but no exhaustively: Ox tongue, pig tail, pig heart, pig head, lamb sweetbread (glands) and piglets testicles! Bon appetit.

I must say that I went onto the website after the episode to see if they had posted the recipes for the Offal Feasts but alas not. With that said I've decided that I'm going to attempt to cook with offal in the near future. I think it could be a penny saving and yet tasty experience.

Till Next Time.

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