Sunday, 3 January 2010

Great song

A few years ago whilst at (New) Word Alive I was dragged along to a gig by some random guy called Andy Flannagan. Fortunately he was fantastic and I recently managed to procure his CD, 'Son', for 99p from Wesley Owen (along with Phil Joel's, of Newsboys fame,'The Deliberate People Album' and The O.C. Supertones 'faith of a child' for the same price!) . A highlight from his gig and the CD was the song 'See the Stars'. You can listen to a clip here. Here are the lyrics:

See the stars, hiding history
Feel the scars healing me
Your collage jolts my memory
Changing fast, yet at peace

The sky grabs for attention
Screaming on and on till

I hear the song you wrote
I see the stars
They've waited years to quote
Your words of power

See the stars, burning fiercely
Feel the fire from their core
God so far, yet so near me
Goes behind, and before

I fear there's mostly darkness
Black revealing white till

Now the words you speak will be my song
You have whispered quietly so long
Give me ears to hear what my eyes see
This God stretched out in front of me

I cannot help but wonder
How can I deserve this?

Till Next Time!

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