Friday, 11 December 2009

How many whats?

Today I was watching an old quiz called 'Take it or leave it?' on Challenge TV. It's trash but quite good background TV. Anyway, I was watching it today whilst reading 'Christ and his people in the book of Isaiah' by David Parsons. About 10 mins before the end I got very distracted and had to watch the rest of the thing for the answer to the following question:

"Which of the three kings gave Gold to Jesus?" *I spit out my tea*

How riddiculous is that? There isn't even any source given. It certainly isn't the Bible which says nothing of Kings, 3 nor otherwise, visiting Jesus, let alone their names and who gave what to Jesus. Check out BW3's post, 'Star-Studded Wise Men: Rethinking the Christmas Story' for more eloquent thoughts on the matter.

Apparently the answer is Melchior (and not Gasper as they chose). According to the all knowing source the tradition is based on a 6th century Alexandrian text.

Personally I think they should have spat in his face declaring, "Citation needed" then handed him a Bible. Who knows?! Maybe next time he will think more carefully about the questions that are asked.

Till Next Time!


  1. They can get away with it though, because it's catholic tradition.
    It's the same as asking which of Santa's Reindeer has a red nose. Santa doesn't exist but the question is still deemed as acceptable.

  2. Incidentally, the Word verification on the previous post was "Hiplac". As in they have no leg to stand on.

  3. I still want sources.
    It'd be like asking "What colour does santa wear?" Most people would say red, but thats only because on Coca-cola, previously it was green. Grrrrr!