Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bargain of the century!

Today I went to Wesley Owen to find a commentary on Isaiah (of which they had none in stock!). I did however come away with the following 10 books (with their RRP):

1) Complete Mission Praise: Music edition (£40)
2) Why I am a Christian: John Stott (£7.99)
3) Seeking the Asian face of Jesus: Chris Sugden (£29.99)
4) The many Gospels of Jesus: Comfort and Driesbach (£15.99)
5) Church History in plain language (2nd Edition): Bruce L. Shelley (£16.99)
6) The Pastoral epistles (Epworth Commentaries): Margaret Davies (£8.95)
7) Ephesians (Focus on the Bible Commentaries): Paul Gardner (£8.99)
8) The voice of Matthew (The Voice Commentaries):Lauren F. Winner (£6.99)
9) 1-3 John (The IVP New Testament Commentary Series): Marianne Meye Thompson (£9.99)
10) New Testament Life and times (Home Bible Study Library): Lawrence O. Richards (£14.99)

Anyone paying attention will have noticed that the RRP for todays shopping is: £160.87!!!!

That is quite a lot, however I paid nothing near that. The total cost for all 10 new, good condition books was: £20. How you may ask. Wesley Owen in Croydon are trying to clear space for new stock and are selling all their Bargain section books (old or surplus stock) at 5 for £10 (except for Bibles and gift items). I had to hold back but I suggest you try your local one or come down to Croydon because even with a train fare you are almost certain to make a saving!

Till next time!

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  1. There isn't anything much better than finding a bargain on book that you want.