Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Per-Crucem-ad-Lucem has recently written a post called 'Pre-school Theology-1'(You can find the post here). In it he writes a few corkers his 3 year old has said whilst they studies the Lord's prayer. Children come out with some great things due to thier honesty, from the hilarious to the profound. Two that particularly struck me were:

‘It’s OK when we don’t know how to pray because Jesus can pray for us’.
‘I don’t understand the Spirit’.

How often do we rest on God and just say 'I can't do it! I don't understand prayer at all, I barely understand anything about you.' Instead we try to pretend that everything is ok, that we have it all figured out. Perhaps its time that we say to God, 'Help me understand more about you' and 'Help me to pray', instead of just pretending we have it all sorted. That's not to say we cannot be confident in what we know but that we need to be humble and admit when we don't. Perhaps it's just me.

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