Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Onigiri ga suki desu!

For the uninitiated, this means (he hopes) something along the lines of "I like Onigiri" in Japanese. Onigiri are balls of rice filled with various fillings then wrapped in nori (seaweed). They are amazing and (almost) impossible to buy I attempted to make some myself. They look pretty good but I've not tasted them yet. I'll update you asap! Rather untraditionally mine have "Chicken and Bacon" filler from Tesco in them. Umeboshi are pretty hard to get here.

Till next time!

UPDATE: They tasted nice, very nice! There was only two issues:
1) My brother Aaron came in and laughed at me saying "Are they onigiri in the fridge?
" I said, "Yes, but they went a little wrong." He replied laughing "They look awful!"
2) He was right! Nevermind. May be they will look a little more Kawaii (cute) next time, as they are meant too!

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