Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Jesus in Japan

According to legend Jesus visited Japan when he was 21 to study Theology then returned to Judea. Supposedly Jesus escaped crucifixion by letting his identical brother take his place and then returned to Japan. He lived out his days there as a Rice Farmer and fathered a family, a descendant still around today: Junichiro Sawaguchi. He claims that it's not true but people say he is. Jesus supposedly lived past 100, and is buried with his identical brother (not sure how he got there). Dan Brown eat your heart out!

It gets better/worse. There is an annual festival where people sing a folk song as they dance around the graves. Apparently this has not meaning in Japanese but is just sounds. Some think that it is distorted Hebrew!? If you are interested there is a museum there too where you can see 'Ancient' documents and artefacts, then enjoy Dracula Ice-cream and Jesus Sake, after which you can take home a souvenir mug!

You can read up on it and see more pictures here (BBC), and here (random article).

BTW, the picture at the top says 'Christ's Grave'. I particularly like that it's sponsered by Coca Cola!

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