Saturday, 25 July 2009

And how would you like your wafer, sir?

Reading in the times today (25/07/09) there was an article entitled "Worshippers who oppose women priests receive 'untainted' bread". It seems that at Blackburn Cathedral (Anglican), where there is a women presiding over the Eucharist 'reserved sacrament'(which has been consecrated by a man earlier) is provided for those who object to a women consecrating their wafer and see it as 'tainted'.

According to the article Blackburn Cathedral has been a seat of opposition for decades and there at half a dozen (that's right, 6!) people out of their 200 strong Sunday morning congregation who refuse to receive the sacrament from a women. This has, as you probably expected, rather large opposition from all sides. The Cathedrals Canon, Andrew Hindley has said in defence, "It was agreed by all the clergy and the Cathedral chapter that this was the best way to handle what we call a mixed economy."

It seems rather strange to me. Pick you position and stick to it. Is it really worth alienating the whole community over 6 people? The Times even reports that Stephen Parkinson from 'Forward in Faith', "the churches traditionalist lobby group", has said, "I've never come across this before. It's pretty extraordinary. I can't understand why the women priest put up with it". Here, Here! I think they need to stick to their guns and, in love of course, explain to the 6 to learn to agree or go elsewhere in the fellowship of believers.

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