Monday, 11 May 2009

One Sentence Theology

Robin Parry from Theological Scribbles has done two very interesting post recently (One Sentence Theology: Gospel and Church).

The concept is genius! It makes you condense all your ramblings into one, concise statement. Here is how it works:

1) Pick a topic: Church, Gospel, Trinity, etc. (Of course this can apply to any subject but I find doctrine to be the biggest challenge.)

2) Write one sentence on it: We are talking proper English sentences here and not a Pauline special (Eph 1:3-14).

3) Check it over: If this was the only sentence one had read on the subject would it be enough to explain what the subject is?

Here are my first attempts posted at Theological Scribbles:

What is Church?
"The people that are 'called out' (ecclesia) by God to be separate from the rest of the world as they are followers of Christ."
(N.B. I'm not happy with this as it sounds like I’m a separatist)

What is the Gospel?
"God has saved all who have faith in him from themselves by sending Jesus to die in their place, and he rose from the dead so we can have send eternity with him."

Please post your attempts below (along with the topic you are addressing) and hopefully (assuming we get enough/any) I will put up what I believe to be the best ones.

Till next time!

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