Monday, 27 April 2009

What are you worth?

This is an old post of mine written for easter a few years ago, copied straight from Facebook:

I was wondering this week, 'What gives a person worth?' In this note I hope to address a few opinions that people hold and look and whether they hold water or not.

Is it something we earn? Do the rich have more worth?Perhaps the good, the kind, the loving? Is it a status quality: You are worth more because you are a king/queen/prime minister, an MP? What about is we are poor, failures, we mess up, of a lowly position? Are we then worth less or even worthless? Would you give more for the queen then you would your family, even if they were poor or even bad? If its not something we earn then what is it?

Is it something that we automatically have? Is it an intrinsic quality in all of man-kind? I'm dubious. If this is true then why is there inequality in the world. Why are some given more worth then others? Perhaps we have different levels of intrinsic worth? Perhaps a tramp is born with less worth then I am. I think that most peoples consciences would tell them otherwise. The disgust we all felt when we heard about the tramp getting set alight last year in the happy slap incident.

If it isn't earnt and neither is it intrinsic to us what is it that gives us worth? Or am I being an optimist, assuming I am worth anything? Perhaps I am worthless. Do we really believe that, do we live like we are worthless. Even a child cries "Its not fair" and its something we never stop. We constantly protest when our 'rights' are stepped on. If we are worthless and believed ourselves to be so would we bother? What about others? Are they worthless, do we care when others, even strangers are hurt? Of course we do. How do we know its not an illusion, a coping mechanism, a survival of the fittest tactic? Well would we care for strangers, even those outside our community if that's all it was? I don't think so and neither do most the world if their actions are anything to go by.

Do we give ourselves worth? Our we only worth any thing because we say we are? What then of those who actually think they're worthless? Are they really? Do we then treat them as if they are? No, we treat them as human beings, as someone who is worth something.

There is only one more option left as far as I can see:We are given worth by others. We decide how much people are worth. Would you die for your partner, a family member or a friend? What about a stranger or an enemy? Does this add up fully? What if no-one knows you, or even worse, what if they do and still think you're worthless? Are you then worthless? So If we are given worth and yet people don't give it to us who does?The only reasonable answer is that we are given worth by someone unwavering: God. The one who loves us all the same, created us all by choice, who calls us all back to him. You are worth something because God said you are. More then that he proved it. Who else suffered for you, died for you and called you back? Jesus is the only one I know.

Why have I bothered with this note? Well I believe we are worth something and the only thing that accounts for that worth is God. He gave you worth, he gave you his all. Why not thank him? Stopped running from the one who gives you worth. Stop. Thank him. Turn back to him. Thanks for reading this note, even if it was so you don't have to do work! Please ask me, or another Christian about what and why they believe. Happy Easter!

She thinks she's worth £150, what do you think your worth?

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