Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Vegetarians working at a Butcher's

Anyone who has read the Metro today (22/04/09) will have been shocked by the following article: Here (The actual paper has different information)

It is about a "devout Christian" of Kingston in Surrey who has recently become the manager of a Lap-dancing club. He's a virgin and has never had a girlfriend. He claims that he has been propositioned over 20 times but its ok, he insist, as he doesn't believe in sex before marriage and therefore wasn't tempted. Apparently it took him six months to tell his Dad he took the job who supposedly wasn't very happy (Understatement?) The article seems to suggest that he justifies the placement on the £35k pa salary that will provide for his family in future.

Now it might just be me but surely a celibate man working in a lap-dancing club is like a Vegetarian working at a Butcher's shop. They just don't fit. Plus (men, I’m sure you'll agree on this one) believing that sex before marriage is wrong doesn't mean that it is not a severe temptation. Perhaps he's a better man then I am? Finally, and call me crazy if you must, but being financially secure is not the most important way to prepare for a family life. Training in Godliness and perseverance is vital to be a good husband. Sticking to ones convictions is surely more important then a big salary.

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  1. My initial thoughts are that he is:
    1) a much better man than I
    2) lying
    3) gay.