Thursday, 5 March 2009

My Bible, Technology and Me

Reading some posts recently written by old reformers e.g. Clavin, Arminius, Luther, etc. It struck me that although they often get stuff wrong (don't we all?), I have no reason to be high and mighty. This is obviously for various reasons but the one which struck me in particular was thier knowledge of the Bible.

I don't know about you but when I want to do a study on a certain subject, e.g. Soteriology, the first things I generally do are: 1) Search Google for any one elses works on the matter and 2)go to Biblegateway (or equivalent) and search for key words that apply to the subject and see what verse come up. Obviously I then read them and put them in context to see if they are applicable and then see what they say. The internet is a wonderful thing!

What gets me though is that you read the Theology of greats like Arminius and Calvin and you see verse after verse referenced! They had no Internet to search every reference in the Bible, or to look up endless articles yet thier understanding is often far superior to mine and I find myself in shock nearly everytime is read one off the old greats.

I just pray that the internet wouldn't become my source of Authority and understanding but rather I would search the Scriptures and come to know Gods word to the extent that I will no longer need Biblegateway.

Just my thoughts.
Please let me know what you think as always.
Till next time!

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