Thursday, 5 February 2009

Then all Gods people say......Amen?

This word which slips so easily off of our tongues means something along the line of "Let it be so" or as it is often used in English, "I agree". It comes from the Hebrew root, or so I'm told is 'aman meaning, "To stand firm" or colloquially, "To have faith".

The reason I'm bothering to mention this is that I have some questions regarding prayer. When you become a Christian you are told that you say Amen at the end of prayers you agree with and don't at the end of those you don't. Sounds simple until you put it into practice:

- What if you agree with, lets say say 90% of the prayer and not with the other 10%? E.G. A wonderful prayer but they mention that they are happy that America has an Indian President.)

- What if you know what was meant but you disagree with what actually came out? E.G. "Lord, We thank you that you think we're worthless" (Priceless)

- What if you agree with what they actually said but not what you know they mean? E.g. "Lord, we thank you that you pre-destined us" said by a Calvinist/Arminian (delete as applicable)

I have no answers, just questions I'm afriad. If you have answers please share them on the comments below. If I've just confused you like most people I've asked so far then sorry.

Till next time!


  1. I often feel an amen inside, but don't let it out, if that makes sense. :)

  2. BTW, thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I returned the favor.

  3. whomever told you to say amen after prayers you agree with should probably have gone into a little more depth.

    Also, remember that prayer is or should be from the heart, God knows your heart and thus also knows which 'bits' you're saying amen to or not. Fret not and certainly dont let it distract you from free communication with God.