Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Something I've been working on

"There can be such great truth expressed in the honest out-pouring of a Christian’s heart that it can strike even the greatest intellects dumb, and convict a person of their folly in a greater way then a thousand Loveless words ever could."

Let me know what you think.

It reminds me of the [true*] story (but paraphrased due to my bad memory) of the Christian girl who was sat on the train reading her Bible. A Muslim man came and sat opposite her and saw that she was a Christian. He then started to debate with her over who was right. Every arguement she gave he tore to shreads. Eventually the girl stops and then bursts in to tears. The man asks her what is wrong. She replies "I know Jesus is true and I want you to know him but I can't convince you, I'm sorry". The man was so moved by her passion that he went to church with her one sunday and became a christian.

*for Sarah

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