Monday, 16 February 2009

Preaching Darwin

I found this on Dr Jim West's blog:

"Today across the nation vapid Pastors will set aside their Bibles in order to preach Darwin. As it’s my aim always to be a blessing, I’ve assembled a list of other materials such ‘preachers’ might consider to use in place of the Bible for their Sunday Sermon:

1- Sports Illustrated. Face it, people love sports more than they love Darwin, so ride the wave!

2- Readers Digest. It has some cool stories and the Unitarians use it all the time. Be ‘chic’!

3- Playboy. That way you can urge your congregants to ‘read the articles instead of looking at the pictures’. And the number of young men attending your services will explode.

4- Ebony. I have never read Ebony, not being black myself, but I’m sure there’s interesting stuff in it or it wouldn’t be so popular. Anyway, it will make you seem really cool!

5- Movies. I mean here that instead of preaching you can show a blockbuster movie and then after it’s over, you can make some lame comment about it and so seem ‘connected’.

6- Music. This one works great too. Pick some idiotic Bob Dylan song (with his incomprehensible lyrics) and pretend to know what he’s talking about by applying it to your audience. This also works for the foppish U2 and other cult-like groups worshiped by believers.

Follow these 6 recommendations and you’ll be able to avoid the Bible for years to come! After all, you were called, weren’t you, to preach what people want to hear rather than the Verbum Dei."

Preach it Doctor!

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