Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A fitting name

Welcome to the start of my vitual fame.......well the hope of such. My name is Peter Churcher. I currently work for Cardiff Council, have recently finished a degree in Theology (and Religious Studies) at Cardiff University. I am a Christian and I am heading down the path to become a Minister one day, hence the title of this blog . Who knows? Due to this blog it may be sooner then later! I hope to pour out my many musing from the extremely deep (Doesn't Perichoresis make God in 3 gods?), to the not so deep (If I were a Sandwhich I'd be cheese). Log on and see what you get. One little disclaimer though. Since I am heading to be a minister I obviously think I'm really funny but, from what I've been told, I'm quite wrong about it. You never know. Scientists are bringing Mammoths back to life, perhaps it won't be long till Pigs fly too.
Till next time!

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