Monday, 22 December 2008

Calvinism = Christianity?

Its time for another of my infamous rants. I hope you enjoy.
I was looking online today for something to read at work (Don't worry, I'm allowed as there is no work!). As you may know I am an Arminian, or should I more rightly say a Christian who holds an Arminian viewpoint. Although I strongly disagree with my Calvinistic brothers on various points I still hold that they are trying to be faithful to God and are saved. I thought "Lets look at Arminianism from a Calvinistic view point" expecting to find logical, reasoned arguements with a similar point of view to salvation (which despite this article is generally what one finds). My thought was that unless I question what I hold to be true it stands to become dogmatic and not truth. One website I came across was called 'A Puritans Mind'. I thought it sounded promising and thought i'd give it a read. Click here for the article. It starts off with the Biblical warning about false Christ and refers to cults and Roman Catholicism. Then it says this, quote:
"There is, however, another false Christ who is much more dangerous than the Christ of the cults and the Christ of Roman Catholicism. He has deceived people for many years and he continues to deceive millions. This Christ is so dangerous that, if it were not impossible, he would deceive the very elect (Matt. 24:24). He is the Christ of Arminianism."
Thats right kids, we're out to get you! How ridiculous. As if being an Arminian will mean you aren't saved. Another website, although I'm afraid I can't remember which(I'm sure Google will help if you want to find it), said that the Arminian Christ was possibly more dangerous then the Pelagian Christ. I think its awful that we as Christians have got to the point where we can't seperate biblical teaching from man-made paradigms. The article ended like this:
"If you believe and serve the Christ of Arminianism, you must recognize the fact that you do not serve the Christ of the Bible. You have been deceived! Study the Scriptures and learn of the True Christ. Pray for grace to repent and trust Christ as your sovereign Lord and God."
Crazy! I can only hope and pray that we will all indeed learn of the True Christ and follow him. It stikes me as rather ironic that the Christians which say they follow puritan theology then set about saying that if anyone doesn't conform to us then they are damned! Sounds a lot like medieval Roman Catholicism to me. Who knows? they may even start suggesting selling indulgences soon!
Follow Christ, accepting your brother who differ in the knowledge that it may actually be you who is wrong! Of course that doesn't exclude debate but do it in Love, logically and biblically!.
Till next time