Monday, 29 December 2008

All I want for Christmas is........getting more difficult to decide!

As they saying goes "What do you get the person who has everything?"
Over the Christmas period I visited my Dad. He works in South Africa and hadn't had time to shop properly so he decided to wait to ask me if I wanted anything. So thats what he did. Funny thing is I couldn't answer. There was nothing I really desired. In the end we got some cycle equipment so I can cycle to work but it took a lot of proding. I wish I could say it was a holy contentment but in reality I don't think it boils down to more then already having all the stuff I want. There are no DVD's I want, I am so up to my neck in books i've not read yet that I stuggle to choose what to read next. Its funny really. I honestly think I'd be freaking a little if I wasn't a Christian. So many people base thier happiness of what they have and what they want next. So often I hear the phrase "If only I had.....I'd be happy" that if I was given a pound every time i'd easily be a millionaire by now. What do you do when you realise stuff doesn't make you happy? What next? I'm just glad that its "Christmas" and not "Stuffmas". Stuff gets dull, tiresome, expensive and needy. Christ however is another story: Free and eternally good, merciful and gracious.